Epworth leads the way in MRI for prostate cancer diagnosis

MRI may prove to be the answer we have all been seeking for more accurate prostate cancer diagnosis. Emerging evidence suggests that multi-parametric MRI of the prostate is not only far superior than regular TRUS biopsy at detecting aggressive localized prostate cancer, it may also reduce over-diagnosis of low grade indolent disease.

Specialists at Epworth have now developed considerable expertise in the use of MRI for prostate cancer diagnosis and have recently established a multidisciplinary meeting devoted solely to the practice. Urologists, radiologists and pathologists now meet on a regular basis to discuss prostate MRI cases and compare findings to the biopsy results.

“We could see the enormous potential benefits of this technology to our patients suspected of having prostate cancer, and so wanted to accelerate our learning in this field. Our meetings have certainly done that, and we continue to be impressed by the accuracy of multiparametric MRI,” said Epworth Urologist Mr Jeremy Grummet.

“Men suspected of having prostate cancer still need a biopsy, but if a prior MRI shows a suspicious lesion in the prostate, then this can be specifically targeted.”

Men with an elevated PSA or suspicious prostate on DRE should always be referred to a urologist in the first instance, who can then decide whether an MRI is appropriate. Currently, MRI of the prostate is not rebatable and is by no means considered standard of care. But the signs are very promising and Epworth specialists are leading the way.

Jeremy GrummetAUTHOR | Mr Jeremy Grummet
Mr Grummet is a member of the Australian Urology Associates private practice and performs MRI-targeted transperineal biopsy for the diagnosis of prostate cancer. AUA urologists consult at Epworth City Consulting Suites and operate at Epworth in Richmond, Box Hill and Hawthorn.
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