Category 1 day in Geelong a big success

Category 1 day Geelong Prof John Olver

Epworth Geelong and GP Liaison ran a very successful Category 1 day for GPs on concussion and musculoskeletal/sports injuries on Saturday 29 July with 60 GPs in attendance. Prof John Olver, Director of Rehabilitation, Mental Health and Chronic Pain and Dr Hugh Seward, Sport and Exercise Physician and GP opened the day with a plenary session on concussion.

Rotating workshops in the education precinct included topics such as facial, hand and ENT injuries, the degenerative spine, shoulder and ankle assessment and knees. The day finished with a plenary session on death by exercise and how much is too much.

Feedback was very positive with comments such as “excellent set of speakers. Very practical, practice relevant and up to date information”, “great, very useful and appropriate level. Highly relevant to my daily practice. Sessions were of good length and presenters were excellent” and “very good mall group sessions, very practical advice. Lots of opportunity to ask questions”.

We would like to thank all of our presenters (Prof John Olver, Dr Hugh Seward, Mr Tim Connolly, Mr Fraser Connolly, Mr Girish Nair, Mr Andrew Byrne, Mr Nathan Donovan, Mr Chatar Goyal, Dr Ryan Spencer and meeting chair Dr Ian Blair-Holt) who helped make this a very successful education event.