Dr Terence Chong talks about OCD, dementia, mindfulness

dr with male patient

Epworth psychiatrist Dr Terence Chong is interviewed on Radio RRR about the impact of obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and its prevalence in the community.

Dr Chong says OCD exists on a continuum, just like with blood pressure or other traits like anxiety, impacting most people normally and others on varying degrees of severity either way. Dr Chong says of the range of mental health conditions, this is one that has more of a neurological basis than some of the others, largely impacting the basal ganglia and frontal lobe. Because there are positive aspects to the OCD scale, Dr Chong says he would prefer his neurosurgeon or airline pilot to be higher on the scale.

Listen to the RRR interview with Dr Chong which commences at 35.10 in the audio stream.

Audio courtesy of RRR radio on demand Einstein a Go Go, aired 5 June 2016