Boost to ENT services at Epworth Richmond

We are excited to have recently enhanced our ENT services at Epworth Richmond.

The purchase of a KTP laser has enabled greater ability to treat laryngeal conditions, and Epworth is the only private hospital in Melbourne to be able to provide this technology.

The KTP laser features Starpulse technology which allows precise delivery of laser treatment to the laryngeal and associated areas, resulting in superior patient outcomes.

Additionally we have recently commenced transoral robotic surgery (TORS) at Epworth Richmond. TORS offers patients with throat cancer a far less intrusive surgical treatment and precise removal of cancerous tissue. We are fortunate to have some of the most experienced surgeons in Melbourne, at this type of surgery, operating at Epworth Richmond.

Endoscopic skull base surgery will also be commencing in the near future; this type of surgery requires both ENT and neuro-surgeons working collaboratively on conditions affecting the complex brain and facial structures.

Purchase of a specialised navigation system and instrumentation has enabled our surgeons to now provide this surgical option to our patients.

We look forward to our services continuing to grow and enabling the best treatment possible for our patients.