Epworth – Australia’s largest provider of advanced oncology treatment

Epworth is now the single largest Australian provider for advanced radiation oncology treatment system, Calypso, following installation at Epworth Freemasons and Epworth Richmond in September.

The first patient to be treated with the new motion management system underwent treatment in December at Epworth Radiation Oncology under Dr Pat Bowden.

Radiation Oncologist Dr Andrew See performed the insertion procedure, which involves using radiofrequency transponders, surgically placed in tumours to actively track and adjust the radiation beams if there is patient movement or due to breathing.

This allows radiation therapy to be delivered to a smaller treatment area when breathing would traditionally have to be compensated by treating with larger radiation beams.

“This is the first time this technology will be available to Victorians, allowing Epworth to improve cancer outcomes for our patients,” said Paul Fenton, Director of Operations, Radiation Oncology.

“Studies indicate the use of Calypso can allow for a more accurate radiation beam, which translates into treating with higher, curative radiation doses with less associated toxicity.

“We already have one stereotactic machine at Epworth Richmond, and through this new machine type, can now offer complex and precise treatment to our patients at Epworth Freemasons.” 

Epworth oncology patients will also be the first in the country to benefit from a new treatment system, to become operational at Epworth Freemasons early next year.

The second generation small footprint Varian Medical Systems TrueBeam STx linear accelerator has recently been installed, with treatments to begin from February 2015.

The system is expected to double the number of patients who can be treated at Epworth Radiation Oncology at Epworth Freemasons.

The system has stereotactic radiosurgery capability, which allows for sub-millimetre accuracy for the treatment of many cancer types. The system also has the potential to be used for non-cancer related, functional conditions such as epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease and tremors when traditional surgery is not applicable.