Epworth Richmond Acute Pain Services

Dr and patient consult

Epworth Richmond’s acute pain services (APS) provides reassurance to patients – and their families – coming to Epworth Richmond for surgeries or procedures.

The APS is managed and delivered by Epworth’s acute pain nurses who work with the patient, their doctors and nurses, other health services, as well as the pharmacy to anticipate the patient’s pain management needs.

The coordination of each patient’s pain management begins before the patient is even admitted, and continues all the way through the patient’s journey at Epworth Richmond.

By anticipating the level and type of pain of each patient depending on the individual and their procedure, the APS tailors each pain management treatment. The aim of APS is to manage patients’ pain faster and appropriately to get them home to their families sooner.

The pain treatment is regularly assessed and adjusted throughout the patient’s stay at Epworth Richmond and continues as necessary as the patient returns home, and if required, into rehabilitation.

Epworth Richmond’s APS has a holistic approach, and extends beyond pharmaceutical treatments. Our APS also includes education of the patient and their families, and pastoral care.

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Acute Pain Service Liaison Nurse: Caz McLoughlin
Phone: 03 9426 2802 or 0408 168 995
Hours: Mon – Fri 8.00am – 4.00pm