First PULMONX Endoscopy procedure at Epworth Eastern

Respiratory physician Dr Nick Wilsmore performed a bronchoscopic lung volume reduction (BLVR) at Epworth Eastern on February 18. This revolutionary procedure will greatly benefit patients with advanced emphysema.

The BLVR involves the insertion of one-way valves into the airways, which allow gas and mucous to exit the targeted area of the lungs, but does not allow the re-entry of air into the targeted segment.

Worldwide, the procedure has been performed on approximately 10,000 COPD patients, and has an 80 percent success rate in patients with severe COPD, emphysema on CT scanning and evidence of hyperinflation on lung volumes.

Epworth Eastern ran a GP meeting and was swamped with enquiries and registrations, indicating a demand for improvement in lung function, breathlessness and quality of life in the community.

Pictured: Dr Nick Wilsmore (front) with anaesthetist Peter Seal and Epworth Eastern endoscopy team prior to the procedure.

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