GPs help shape Epworth’s 2015 GP education program

General practitioners (GPs) have assessed Epworth’s GP education activities as relevant and of high standard as part of Epworth’s 2015 GP Needs Assessment.

Questionnaires were received from 123 GPs with the data being used to identify priority topics for Epworth’s 2015 GP education program and to improve communications with GPs.

Of the respondents, there were slightly more males (54%), and a majority were over the age of 45, with most aged between 55-64 (30%). Respondents represented a broad geographical area of Victoria. Most participants worked in a practice with other GPs, with a minority working as a solo GP (5%).

Key findings from the needs assessment survey:

  • GPs considered relevance of topic (91%) as the most important aspect of a CPD event followed by a respected and engaging presenter.
  • Time of event and time required to travel were cited as key barriers to not attending an Epworth CPD event.
  • Group learning activities were the most frequently attended type of activity in the past 12 months.

In terms of communication needs, GPs cited the main reasons for reading the GP Update was to keep updated on new advances, procedures and specialists. The majority of GPs would like to read more clinically relevant articles.

Looking towards 2015, the GP Liaison Unit is in the process of planning next year’s education calendar using the needs assessment data to identify priority topics. There are also some other exciting new projects including an online portal which will host articles and provide forums for GPs to discuss with their peers and Epworth specialists; as well as a comprehensive webinar series with on demand capability.

Thank you again to everyone who participated in the survey. GPs are always welcome to provide feedback and suggestions on Epworth’s GP education program and communications via email

This article appears in the Epworth HealthCare Annual Report 2013/14, which is now available to view at