Keeping connected with Point of Care

Point of Care and nurse

The Epworth Point of Care system is now available across eight sites at Epworth, including Epworth Richmond, Epworth Freemasons, Epworth Geelong Epworth Eastern and the Epworth Rehabilitation facilities. The Point of Care terminal is a shared device, located in every patient room, providing:

  • patients with access to information, education and entertainment options
  • doctors and nurses with access to a range of clinical and non-clinical applications that will assist in improving workflows and provide easy access to information at the bedside (patient results)
  • support services staff with improved workflow and involvement in the care team

Patients and staff alike are raving about its benefits, easing clinical care and providing patients much-appreciated entertainment along with important health information ensuring that they are kept informed during their stay.

Patient Heather Birch, at Epworth Richmond due to a left hip replacement, says having access to the technology has been a huge relief during times she’s felt otherwise disconnected.

“Having access to the internet is the way we operate now — it’s the way I can communicate with people,” says Heather. “I’ve used Point of Care to check Facebook, to Google a couple of things regarding what’s happening with my treatment and look up stuff around my care. I’ve also had a look at some of the Epworth information that’s on there and checked my personal emails through webmail.

“I’ve been very glad to have it. I’d be missing my technology if I didn’t!”

Staff, too, appreciate the system, finding it useful to have access to critical information when they need it and given them more time to spend with their patients.

“It’s so convenient,” says Nurse McLean Gwatidzo, from Lee Wing, Epworth Richmond. “You don’t have to find a doctor if you need to check on a patient’s results or details — you just go straight to Point of Care and it’s all there.”

Watch our short video on our Point of Care system.