Private health insurance and mental health cover – exemption on the two-month waiting period

female patient and Dr consultation

The Australian Government introduced some changes to mental health cover earlier this year, making it easier for policy holders to access mental health services.

Previously, if patients were on a hospital policy which provided restricted benefits for psychiatric care, they would have to upgrade their cover and complete a two-month waiting period before accessing any higher benefits.

Now, patients can upgrade their cover without having to serve this two-month waiting period to access higher benefits for psychiatric care in a private hospital.

Note: the following conditions apply

This is a once in a lifetime offer. An exemption on the two-month waiting period for upgraded cover can only be used once.

This exemption can also only be accessed if the patient has already completed an initial two months of membership on any level of hospital cover.

More information

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Individual health funds should be contacted for detailed information on this offer.

For general information about the exemption, visit the Australian Department of Health website and go to the section called ‘Supporting Mental Health – waiting period exemption for higher benefits’.

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