Renovation project completed at Epworth Brighton

Development works were recently undertaken at Epworth’s bayside rehabilitation centre, Epworth Brighton.

The front of the hospital was being expanded to incorporate a new treating space which will assist in bringing specialist care closer to the bay. The works also included the opening of a new education room for group sessions and staff education.

The team are incredibly excited by the development and believe it will further enhance the patient experience.

“By giving our patients easier access to their specialists alongside their outpatient clinics we are allowing people to spend more time doing the things they love – which is at the heart of rehabilitation care”, said Sheila Daly, Director of Clinical and Site Services, Epworth Brighton.

The 67 bed site are leaders in rehabilitation care in a number of specialties including cardiac event, hand injuries, musculoskeletal injuries, orthopaedic surgery, pain syndromes, falls and deconditioning, stroke and other neurological conditions.

“This development project will further expand the offering we provide and we couldn’t be more excited”, said Sheila.

For any enquiries about the development, please call Brit Gordon, Business Development Manager, Epworth Rehabilitation on 0427 239 603 or find out more about Epworth Brighton.