Treating dementia – the good news and the challenges

female patient with caregiver

In MJA’s podcast (Volume 204, Issue 3) from 8 February 2016, Professor Nicola Lautenschlager, head of Psychiatry of Old Age at the University of Melbourne, and Dr Terence Chong, a research fellow and psychiatrist at Epworth Clinic, located at Epworth Camberwell, discuss the advances and challenges in the treatment of dementia, to coincide with their editorial in the MJA online.

Here they talk to MJA News and Online Editor, Cate Swannell. Also, available as a video.

In the podcast/webinar Dr Terence Chong talks about dementia numbers – in Australia in 2015, there were 343,000 Australians diagnosed with dementia.

The current costs of treating patients is estiamted to be $818 billion globally – and this is spent on diagnosis, medications that can assist or delay the onset, and for building support services and networks for patients and their carers.

Dr Terence Chong works at Epworth Clinic’s new Aged Psychiatry Service located at Epworth Camberwell. Both day programs and inpatient care are available.

General practitioners and medical specialists are required to contact our intake coordinator to facilitate a referral to the Epworth Clinic inpatient and day program services.

Please call: 03 9805 4338.

The intake coordinator will triage the patient’s appropriateness for Epworth Clinic and provide recommendations based on the referral and our assessment. The patient should be assessed by a GP, psychiatrist or mental health clinician within the last 72 hours to determine the current mental state of the patient and ability to consent to treatment as a private patient.

Referrals can then be directly faxed to 03 9805 4233 or emailed to