Adolescent and young adult cancer service at Epworth Richmond

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Approximately 400 adolescents and young adults aged between 15 and 25 are diagnosed with cancer in Victoria each year. Hodgkin’s and non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, and germ cell tumours (those originating in the ovaries and testes) are some of the most common cancers in this particular age group.

These patients currently experience service gaps, slipping between dedicated paediatric and adult oncology services.

The service

The adolescent and young adult cancer service at Epworth Richmond – the first of its kind in the private health system – provides a comprehensive service to this cohort of patients, including:

  • diagnosis, including medical imaging and pathology, biopsies and staging investigations
  • development of individualised patient treatment plan
  • patient treatment and ongoing monitoring
  • ancillary consultations as needed with, for example, cardiologist, respiratory physician, endocrinologist, fertility expert, allied health practitioner, nutritionist
  • tailored patient education and social worker support to the patient and their family
  • referral to other specialists if required
  • survivorship care and follow up treatment, including mental health support

Our doctors and staff

The service will be provided by Dr Rachel Conyers through her Treat Unique clinic based at Epworth Richmond. Dr Conyers is a paediatric, adolescent and young adult haematologist and oncologist, with extensive experience at the leading cancer institutes in Australia and Europe.

She will be supported by a clinical nurse consultant and a social worker, providing patient education around cancer treatment, symptom management, palliative and survivorship care, psychosocial assessment and support, counselling, long-term support.

View brochure on adolescent and young adult cancer service and read more about the service.

Appointments and referrals

Ph: 03 9516 2666

Fax: 03 9516 2319


Urgent referrals are also available by calling Epworth Richmond switchboard on 03 9426 6666, who will then contact Dr Conyers for a review within one week.