Epworth Clinic Aged Psychiatry Service

female patient with caregiver

Epworth Clinic’s new aged psychiatry service is dedicated to the care of patients aged 65 and over with mental health issues. Our aim is to provide people with comprehensive and compassionate care in the management of their mental illness and to optimise functioning and quality of life.

Mental health team

The mental health team is comprised of nurses, psychologists, social workers, occupational therapists and psychiatrists specialising in mental health conditions of old age.

We are able to draw from a range of other disciplines as clinically required eg neuropsychologists, geriatricians and other specialists.

Inpatient care

The Aged Psychiatry inpatient unit comprises single rooms with private en-suite facilities in a safe and caring environment for acutely unwell older patients. Regular review of patients by the treating team and discussion at multidisciplinary team meetings occur. An individualised treatment plan is developed for each patient.

Diagnostic tests (eg: pathology, radiology) and other relevant assessments are conducted on site at Camberwell. Treatment options such as electroconvulsive therapy and transcranial magnetic stimulation are available on site should these treatment modalities be clinically indicated.

Day program

Epworth Clinic provides a range of therapeutic programs for patients to participate in as an inpatient or a day patients. The Wellness Interaction Support Engagement (W.I.S.E) program is specifically designed for patients over 65 years of age.

How to refer a patient

General practitioners and medical specialists are required to contact our intake coordinator to facilitate a referral to the Epworth Clinic’s inpatient and day program services.

Phone: (03) 9805 4338

The intake coordinator will triage the patient’s appropriateness for Epworth Clinic and provide recommendations based on the referral and our assessment. The patient should be assessed by a GP, psychiatrist or mental health clinician within the last 72 hours to determine the current mental state of the patient and ability to consent to treatment as a private patient.


Fax referrals directly to (03) 9805 4233 or
Email: ERC.intakeclinician@epworth.org.au