Arthritis – what can be done?

group rehab

Epworth Camberwell’s Arthritis Rehabilitation Program commenced in May 2015 and was initiated to support individuals with both newly diagnosed arthritis but also those with developed disease.

The NHMRC guidelines on the non surgical management of hip and knee osteoarthritis outline the importance of lifestyle modifications like weight loss and exercise as key components in managing the chronic disease1. Additionally, the increasing evidence highlighting poor outcomes following knee arthroscopy for degenerative knee arthritis, is further validation that conservative measures need to be optimised for individuals with arthritis. 

The Arthritis Rehabilitation Program is an eight week program tailored for people with arthritis or other conditions affecting their muscles, bones and joints. The program includes a combination of exercise and education and has been designed to cover a range of topics to help people manage their symptoms, lessening the impact of arthritis on their life. The aim of the program is to increase confidence with self management of their condition and to promote long term adherence to physical activity.

The feedback from clients that have completed the program have been positive and have shown improvements both in functional and quality of life outcome measures.

“It helped me realise I could exercise to aid my condition.” March 2016.

“I liked the group experience, and I was able to ask questions to staff individually.”  March 2016.

“Thank you, it is an excellent program and has really helped me to make changes to my lifestyle to help manage my arthritis. The staff are really knowledgeable and understanding.”  December 2015.

The arthritis program at Epworth Camberwell runs twice a week and may include physiotherapy, exercise physiology, hydrotherapy, dietetics, psychology and occupational therapy.

Epworth Richmond has also recently commenced an arthritis rehabilitation program.

For more information on either of these two programs, please contact 1300 46 REHAB.

Referrals can be faxed to 9982 6696 or emailed to


  1. NHMRC Guideline for the non- surgical management of hip and knee osteoarthritis, 2009, RACGP South Melbourne VIC.