Balance Disorders Clinic at Epworth Camberwell

A new Balance Disorders Clinic has opened at Epworth Camberwell, run by specialist neuro-otologists and neurologists who diagnose balance disorders that affect the vestibular system and cerebellum.

The clinic offers cutting edge technology including infra-red and high speed video-oculography. These are diagnostic, non-invasive video based method of measuring eye movements, which can rapidly identify and quantify vestibular and cerebellar causes of imbalance.

The clinic is suitable for all patients who present with dizziness, vertigo, gait disturbances or problems with coordination.

Following diagnosis, some patients will then be referred on to our vestibular rehabilitation program​, which is offered at three sites, Epworth Camberwell, Epworth Brighton and Epworth Richmond. This is a specialised multidisciplinary service with skilled therapists specifically trained in managing vestibular disorders.​

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