Bariatric rehabilitation program at Epworth Camberwell

Bariatric rehab program

This program is designed for patients pre operative and following bariatric surgery or procedure as well as for those who are considering surgery, where the size of the stomach is reduced either through gastric banding or removal of part of the stomach. The rehabilitation program focuses on facilitating patients’ recovery and the best possible outcome for the future.

The New Dimensions program is based on the principles of physical and psychological reconditioning post surgery. The Program assists the patient in re-establishing control over the choices that they make in relation to the ongoing management of their obesity. The program encourages patients to build knowledge about their condition, understand themselves and acquire necessary skills and confidence to instigate and sustain long-term lifestyle changes.

New Dimensions is a 12-week program and incorporates:

  • exercise including strengthening, stretching and a walking program
  • hydrotherapy
  • psychological and emotional support
  • self-management strategies
  • nutritional advice and input

The program is under the care of rehabilitation physician Dr Fran Wise with Abi Oliver as the program coordinator. Sessions run once weekly for two hours. New Dimensions is now accepting referrals.


Referrals can be faxed to 03 9982 6696 or scanned to

For all enquiries, please contact 1300 46 REHAB