Discharge pain medication information for patients

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Epworth HealthCare has introduced a discharge pain medication information sheet for patients following three successful pilots in 2016 which demonstrated improved patient outcomes.

The improved outcomes were:

  • No re-admissions relating to pain during the trial period
  • 90% reduction in the number of phone calls received from patients to wards and consultants regarding pain medication
  • Improved patient satisfaction scores, including a marked increase in patients understanding of their pain medications

The information sheet provides information regarding: the different types and strength of pain medications patients may be prescribed; constipation management; how to reduce pain medication over time and provides patients with an administration timetable so they can track their use whilst at home. The administration timetable was requested by patients during the trial and they have been asked to bring this with them to their next GP appointment.

The development of the information has involved a number of stakeholders including anaesthetists, medical director, Epworth Clinical Institutes, staff, pharmacy and patients.

How could this help you?

The information will provide you with an overview of what pain medications patients are prescribed, how they have been taking them and if they have reduced over time. All patients have been asked to bring this form with them to their next GP visit.

When will your patients see this form?

It is anticipated that all day surgery patients at Epworth Richmond, Epworth Hawthorn and Epworth Geelong will receive this information sheet by April 2017. The rest of the sites and in-patients will follow in the next 3-4 months.


Joy MacDonald, Performance Manager
Ph 9516 2979
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