Epworth Camberwell Sleep Unit

Did you know that Epworth Camberwell has a dedicated sleep unit? This means GPs can refer patients with sleep disorders to a unit that provides private and sound proofed patient rooms, as they undergo a comprehensive sleep study assessment by Epworth’s skilled sleep scientists.

Epworth Camberwell’s sleep unit was established in 2002 and is equipped with state of the art computerised monitoring equipment to observe and diagnose a wide range of sleep disorders including obstructive sleep apnoea, periodic limb movement disorder, narcolepsy and insomnia.

Epworth Camberwell’s sleep unit provides an overnight sleep study, or polysomnography, which is a non-invasive test that is performed when the presence of a sleep disorder is detected. Prior to going to sleep, sensors are placed on a patient’s head, face, chest, stomach, legs and fingers. Throughout the night, Epworth sleep scientists monitor brainwave activity, respiration, eye movement activity, heart rate, muscle tone and blood oxygen levels.

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