Epworth Freemasons Direct Admission for selected patients

Epworth Freemasons Direct Admissions

Epworth Freemasons has a strong history and commitment to the care of medical patients. For some patients, direct admission to a hospital facility provides for a more comfortable and timely pathway than an emergency department – when and if it is clinically appropriate. 

Our Acute Assessment Service – FAST Track – provides timely access, intensive assessment, care and specialised treatment initiation for unplanned admission patients, prior to transfer to an inpatient ward, intensive care bed or directly discharged from care. This service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

General admission principles

FAST Track is intended to streamline the process for patients presenting as an unplanned admission, by means of minimising delays in the delivery of care through:

  • the admission of patients under an Epworth appointed medical specialist (on-call roster for cardiac, medical and oncology)
  • rapid admission by the ICU or medical registrar upon arrival to hospital (unless patient in MET or Code Blue criteria then immediate review will occur)
  • the provision of initial and prompt treatment through comprehensive medical and nursing interventions


Direct medical referrals for acute hospital care are appropriate for many patients, however, please refer to the information sheet for inclusion and exclusion conditions.

Where the patient is not able to meet the costs of treatment at Epworth Freemasons, we will provide advice as to an alternative point of care, or will redirect the patient back to the referrer/specialist or other appropriate service.

Further information

For further information call 03 9483 3596 and also refer to the flow chart and chest pain and heart failure pathways.



Epworth Freemasons Direct Admission Physicians

View profile on Epworth Find a Doctor

View profile on Epworth Find a Doctor

Dr Mathew is a general physician with a special interest in diabetes and thyroid. He likes to treat “the whole patient”, not just “the disease”.
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Dr Tuckfield is a clinical haematologist and general physician. She cares for patients with both malignant and non-malignant haematological disorders with particular interest in haemostasis and thrombosis.
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A/Prof Andrew Wilson is a cardiologist and general physician with special interests in interventional cardiology, lipids cardiovascular prevention, and general cardiology.
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There is also a geriatrician and cardiologist roster – please liaise with the Bed Manager.