Epworth Rehabilitation pain management program

Hydrotherapy Rehab

National Pain Week was 24-30 July 2017. At Epworth we used this week to consider the impact and prevalence of pain in all its forms. Chronic pain in particular is a significant cost to society, affecting up to one in five Australians and costing over 30 billion dollars per year to manage. By working with GPs, we have examined how primary health professionals have the power to improve the quality of life of these patients and reduce the overall societal burden of pain.

As the first contact, and possibly the most trusted members of the interdisciplinary pain team, GPs have a significant role in a patient’s pain journey. From initial advice, and provision of management, to providing patients access to effective and directed rehab programs, the role of the GP is crucial.

Epworth Rehabilitation staff work with GPs by providing pain management programs which improve clients’ pain levels, productivity, and quality of life. The evidence suggests that pain is not only something that can be managed, but a condition from which patients can recover.

Individual and group-based programs are available for compensable and privately funded patients. Each program is tailor-made based on patients’ contributors and goals, but will generally involve:

  • pain education
  • medication management and pain specialist support
  • safe and graded physical exercise and activity
  • psychological-based interventions (including CBT and ACT)
  • development of active self-management strategies
  • return to work support and planning
  • hydrotherapy
  • long-term goal setting and follow-up as required.

A usual program with the pain team will involve about 8-12 weeks active therapy, with follow-up either three or six months later.

Patients may attend at Epworth Richmond, Epworth Camberwell or Epworth Brighton. They can be funded through private health hospital insurance with minimal to no out of pocket expense.

Patients do not require extras cover to access our programs.

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Referrals and enquiries

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