Epworth Richmond cardiac patients to benefit from the latest 3-D guided technology

1500x1000 Cath lab Carto3 machine

New technology that helps cardiologists navigate the heart with greater accuracy is now available to cardiac patients at Epworth Richmond.

“3-D mapping for complex arrhythmia cure is essential. Epworth now has access to two different but complementary systems to facilitate treatment and to reduce radiation exposure to both patients and staff. We are fortunate to have access to this technology, which will add to our already busy routine electrophysiology and device implantation program,” said Epworth cardiologist Paul Sparks.

The CARTO® 3 advanced cardiac imaging system and Claris recording system have just been installed in the new hybrid theatre at Epworth Richmond, making it one of the most technologically advanced theatres available. This, together with the recently upgraded EnSite Precision™ 3-D cardiac mapping system at the existing catheter lab suite, provided Epworth cardiologists and electrophysiologists with the most comprehensive array of leading technology for cardiac procedures.

“Epworth Richmond is now the only private hospital in Australia with two fully equipped electrophysiology catheter labs, putting it at the very top of cardiac capabilities in the country”, said Letch Nadaison Krishnan, Cath Lab Manager, Epworth Richmond.

“The benefits of this new technology for patients with heart conditions are great. It helps cardiologists diagnose the cause of the arrhythmia and to guide the catheters inside the heart with great precision to deliver treatment accurately and in a minimally invasive way. In addition, patients benefit from shorter waiting times for access to the labs” said Nadaison Krishnan.

In addition to performing electrophysiology studies and device implants (eg pacemakers) the catheter labs also provide treatment of atrial fibrillation with both radiofrequency and cryoablation.

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