Epworth services over the Christmas period

Epworth ED staff

Direct admission for selected patients at Epworth Freemasons available 24 hours

Epworth Freemasons has a strong history and commitment to the care of medical patients. For some patients, direct admission to a hospital facility provides for a more comfortable and timely pathway than an emergency department – when and if it is clinically appropriate.

Our Acute Assessment Service – FAST Track – will provide timely access, intensive assessment, care and specialised treatment initiation for unplanned admission patients, prior to transfer to an inpatient ward, intensive care bed or directly discharged from care. This service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.


Direct medical referrals for acute hospital care are appropriate for many patients, however, please refer to the information sheet for inclusion and exclusion conditions.

Where the patient is not able to meet the costs of treatment at Epworth Freemasons, we will provide advice as to an alternative point of care, or will redirect the patient back to the referrer/specialist or other appropriate service.

Further information

For further information call 03 9483 3596 and also refer to the flow chart and chest pain and heart failure pathways.


Holiday dialysis

Epworth Richmond

Needing regular dialysis should not interfere with a great holiday. Epworth Richmond dialysis department will be open as usual over the Christmas and summer holiday period, 7 days a week from 6am to 9.30pm and welcomes holiday dialysis patients. To access the service, patients are required to bring a referral from their doctor. The Epworth Richmond dialysis unit is located on Level 4, 89 Bridge Road, Richmond, VIC 3121 Tel: 03 9526 2412

Epworth Eastern

Epworth Eastern’s renal dialysis unit is a brand new purpose-built unit now offering holiday dialysis. The unit features nine state-of-the-art Heamodialysis stations designed for comfort to deliver the highest quality dialysis care for patients with chronic and acute renal disease.

The unit is a spacious and welcoming environment offering individual and empathetic evidence-based care founded on a holistic care model that draws on Epworth Eastern’s highly experienced multidisciplinary team of professionals. Patients can expect a premium service as well as access to a number of additional support services. Epworth Eastern’s renal dialysis unit is located at Level 6, 1 Arnold Street, Box Hill, VIC 3128 Tel: 1800 896 393


Expert paediatric advice over the phone

Epworth Richmond paediatric service has launched a great new service for GPs in time for the holiday season. GPs attending to a paediatric case who would like advice eg regarding the need for inpatient or outpatient paediatric review and suggested initial management can now speak to a paediatrician by simply calling the Epworth Richmond switchboard on Tel: 03 9426 6666 or read more here.


Epworth Radiation Oncology

The Epworth Radiation Oncology service at Epworth Freemasons will be closed over the holiday period. The last day of operation is Friday 23 December 2016, re-opening on Monday 9 January 2017.

The service at Epworth Richmond will remain open during this time on all days except weekends and public holidays: Wednesday 28 to Friday 30 December 2016 and Tuesday 2 to Friday 6 January 2017.

Patients who are continuing treatment over the holiday period and would normally undergo treatment at the Freemasons campus will need to go to Richmond at the appointment times given to them by the team.

Epworth Radiation Oncology at Epworth Richmond is located at:
Epworth Centre, Level 4, Erin Street, Richmond 3121

Patient parking

Parking is available under Epworth Richmond, enter via Bridge Road. Patients will be provided with a parking pass during this time and can request one from Epworth Radiation Oncology reception after their daily treatment.

Inpatient transport

Inpatients will be transported between Epworth Freemasons and Epworth Richmond by the Royal Flying Doctors Service.

If you have any questions during this time, please contact:
Epworth Radiation Oncology at Epworth Freemasons Tel: 03 9483 3331
Epworth Radiation Oncology at Epworth Richmond Tel: 03 9936 8277