Pulmonary rehabilitation program at Epworth Brighton

The popular pulmonary rehabilitation program at Epworth Brighton features a mix of education sessions and graded exercise. “We know that patients with COPD benefit from pulmonary rehabilitation”, said Laura Davidson, Deputy Physiotherapy Manager. “Program participants report reduced breathlessness, less anxiety and depression and improved feelings of well-being”, she said. “Importantly, research demonstrates that participation in programs like ours helps to reduce the number of acute hospital admissions. It keeps people well for longer,” she said.

The six-week program runs over 12 sessions for up to eight patients at a time. It is run by physiotherapists, occupational therapists, psychologists and dietitians and focuses on a mix of education and graded exercise. “This is a very positive rehabilitation program which has markedly improved my activity tolerance and understanding of my disease”, patient Leon told Mr Wilson.

Participants spend time discussing health and lifestyle issues in a group environment and often report feeling supported by their peers. ““Our program empowers people to take control and embrace their goals. I have the privilege of working with them; watching as they gain skills and confidence to manage their disease and discover how much activity and exercise they can be capable of,” said physiotherapist, Francine Alevizos.

Tim Wilson, Federal Member of Parliament for Goldstein recently visited the busy facility. Mr Wilson made his way through the busy rehabilitation facility’s gymnasium greeting patients and chatting to staff. “This is my first visit to Epworth Brighton and I’m absolutely thrilled to experience the positivity and compassion that people experience here. The way patients and staff are working together today is exemplary”, he said.

Director of Clinical Services, Sheila Daly, said that any patient with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease can benefit from participation in pulmonary rehabilitation. “People come here for the physical benefits, but they usually go home feeling happier too. And that makes all of our wonderful staff happy!” she said.

Referrals and enquiries

For more information and referrals, contact the Deputy Physiotherapy Manager Laura Davidson on Ph 03 9591 9232.

(Photo: Tim Wilson, Federal Member of Parliament for Goldstein pictured with staff at Epworth Brighton)