Epworth Clinic treating depression with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Epworth Clinic offers personalised inpatient and day programs which are delivered by a highly trained multidisciplinary team. We treat a range of mental health conditions and are developing further treatment options as we grow our facilities which are located at 888 Toorak Road, Camberwell. Response time to enquiries is fast, for ease of admission with no waiting times.

People with depression may need to explore a few treatment pathways before they find the right one for them. Epworth Clinic offers a range of treatment options for people with depression that are individually tailored to their needs.

Epworth Clinic now offers Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation TMS as an additional treatment option for this difficult to manage condition.

The TMS multidisciplinary team at Epworth Clinic will assess the patient’s psychiatric and medical history to establish their suitability to receive TMS.

The individualised program consists of a three-week inpatient admission. During this time the patient will receive daily treatment with TMS and participate in day programs.

For those patients who are not required to attend as an inpatient, TMS is also available as an outpatient service.

What is TMS?
Treatment with TMS involves the application of a pulsed magnetic field which alters the excitability and blood flow through the neurons in brain.

TMS procedure 
The person sits in a recliner chair with the TMS magnetic coil resting on their scalp. TMS treatment is well tolerated, takes 30 minutes to complete and the patient is monitored by our TMS qualified nursing staff.

Improved mental health makes life better. For more details, call Epworth Clinic on 03 9805 4338 or visit www.epworth.org.au/mentalhealth

To refer a patient contact Epworth Clinic’s intake clinician on 9805 4338 or email ERC.intakeclinician@epworth.org.au

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